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Plenary speakers

Presentation JW1  Jimmy Wales 
Presentation RMS1 Richard Stallman 
Presentation RM1  Ross Mayfield 
Presentation WC1  Ward Cunningham 

Confirmed presenters

entries without proceedings-link are not clear yet

Paper AL1 Amruta Lonkar, Marcela Musgrove, et al.
Paper AB1  Andreas Braendle (Zuerich). 
Paper AB2  Andreas Brand (Frankfurt)
Workshop AC1  Arnufl Christi
Workshop AE1  Andre Engels, et al.  pywikipediabot
Paper AP1  Achal Prabhala 
Paper BO1  boud
Paper BV1 Brion Vibber
Paper CL1  Cormac Lawler
Paper CM1  Cathy Ma, et al
Paper CS1 Chee Siang Ang et al
Paper DK1 Daniel Kinzler (joint w/nsh?). WikiSense 
Presentation DM1 Domas Mituzas and Tim Starling
Presentation EM1 Erik Möller - Please add your data to wikibooks!
EK1 30m. Eugene Kim, Chris Dent.  (current abstract is for a hacking days talk; general conference talk is on the history of collaboration) - where is abstract/otrs ticket?!
Workshop EXT1 Brion Vibber Extensions
Paper EZ1  Erik Zachte 
Workshop FA1  Frank Antwerpes, ??   Long-term financial plans
Paper FD1  Florence Devouard 
Paper FT1 Frédéric Philipp Thiele. 
Paper GB1  Gabriele Beger
Workshop GM2  Gerard Meijssen       sound
Paper GM3  Gerard Meijssen       The excitement of Wiktionary
Paper IM1 
Workshop JBS2 Jean-Baptiste Soufron
Paper JBS1  Jean-Baptiste Soufron
Presentation JH1 Jan Ulrich Hasecke
Paper JJ1 Janne Jalkanen (pres. or workshop)
Presentation JK1 Jens Kammann. 
Paper JR1  Joseph Reagle  
Paper JT1  Jeremy Tobacman. 
Workshop JV1 Jakob Voss, Erik Zachte
Paper JV2 Jakob Voss 
Poster KK1 Dr. Kai Koster, Dr. Bo Hu.
Presentation KK2 Kilian Kissling (Directmedia)
Poster KS1 Kasper Souren
Poster LF1 Luis Henrique Fagundes
Poster LG1 Limor Garcia, Cellphedia
Paper LH1 Lambert Heller
Paper MK2 Markus Kroetzsch
Presentation MP2 Marco Prestipino
Paper PA1 Phoebe Ayers
Paper RB1 Russell Buckley notified 
Paper RB2  Robert Bonato
Presentation SG1 15m Salvor Gissurardottir
Paper SJ1  Samuel Klein
Paper SM1 Stefan Magdalinski.
Workshop TD1  Tobias Dahinden
Workshop TG3 Thomas Gries - he should finally upload his data now
Paper TH1  Tsila Hassine
Workshop TT1 Thomas Thaler - where is the otrs ticket?!
Paper WG1  Wolfgang Georgsdor
Paper YA1  Yaron Ariel, et. al 
Paper ZZ1 Zhengzhu Feng (presented by another)

GV1            Global Voices
       Isaac Mao 
       Hossein Derakhshan 
       Kaspar Souren/
       Achal Prabhala
WIKI1          What are wikis good for
       Jimmy Wales
       Ward C
       Ross Mayfield  
LANG1          Multilingualism panel
       [Mattis: via IRC?] 
       Rodrigo Vergara

Evening program

  1. KJ1:WikiHistory, 60m?. Kurt Jansson (evening program)
  2. TRIV1:WikiTrivia, 60m+. Various moderators. Wiki Trivia Contest! (evening program)
  3. WMD1:WikiHistory, 15m+. Diverse cast. The Five-Minute Wikimedia (evening program)

Last minute submissions

  • RV1 Rodrigo Vergara - no detailed abstract has been accepted
  • Presentation JB1 Jan-Bart de Vreede, 15-30m, Kennsinet and WP
  • Presentation HD1 Hossein Derakhshan? 30m (if separate presentation, need confirmation)
  • Presentation IM2 Isaac Mao : Chinese Wikinews, perceptions of the project, and censorship (30m+, med room)
  • AS1 Ascander : A discussion of the es: wiki and fork (small room; 30m)
  • Presentation JC1 JC Tall : FLOSS initiatives in West Africa; ideas for an African Wikipedia movement. (30m+, med room)
  • Presentation MA1 Michael Anobile, LISA : On translation and localization : case studies, lessons for Wikimedia (30m+)
  • Presentation OD1 Oscar van Dillen : Wiki, between Science and Art (30m; small room)
  • Presentation MA2 Milton Aineruhanga : Increasing contributions from women in Africa (15m?)
  • ? Rui Silva from Madagascar in a mail sj said that he won't speak
  • ? Enrique Chaparro from Buenos Aires Helping with the copyright tutorial only
  • Presentation IB1 Isam Bayazidis from Amman He is excited about the notion of speaking about free knowledge in the Middle East; something he is very familiar with. OSI specifically asked us to invite him because of his involvment with so many different projects. possibly on a panel
  • Presentation RE1 Revo A.G. Soekatno from Jakarta He asked to speak about language differences in Indonesian;
  • Presentation BP1 Christina Hengel and Barbara Pfeifer about VIAF

Not in the timetable yet

  • JBS1 Jean-Baptiste Soufron - is in the proceedings but not in the timetable
  • panels??

Uncofirmed presenters

  • Poster: Douwe Osinga [1] ???
  • IDENT1 - Identity standards: Fen Labalme, Kaliya...
  • RCP1 Tools and tricks for monitoring RC, killing spam. Platform dependence, integration with other tools. CDVM, rcb, IRC-rc, etc. Use of rv links, bans & blocks, meta:blacklist, etc.


Papers only