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  1. Regularly have a look at OTRS cfp-queque
  2. Finish accepted message template
  3. Create a Template at the Proceedings for accepted ones
  4. Determine which people really need funding (please add priority)
  5. Send rejected or accepted message
  6. Announce and find more people to help

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See also Internal:Programme/Timetable

Stuff will be removed more and more to transfer it do Internal:Speakers/List

Workshops and Panels

  1. EZ1:Tutorial:Timelines, 45m. Erik Zachte. (as example: proposal for a timeline of human history) notified
  2. GM2:Tutorial:Sound, 45m+. Gerard Meijssen, et al. notified
  3. TD1:Tutorial:Maps, 30-45m. Tobias Dahinden. On map generation and readability. notified
  4. EXT1:Tutorial:MediaWiki, 60m+. Brion Vibber, et al. Workshop companion to BV1, on creating extensions.
  5. JBS2:Workshop:Copyright, 45m+. Jean-Baptiste Soufron, other?. Focus on US & European law.
  6. AC1:Workshop:Geowiki, 45m+. Arnufl Christi, et al. Integrating external map content into WP - overview of resources. notified
  7. MW1:Geowiki:Buildings, 15m. Michael Wutzke, Emporis. (negotiating sponsorship, could be placed on a GIS/Maps panel) notified
  8. AE1:Workshop:Wikibot, 45m+. Andre Engels, et al. Using and extending the pywikipediabot framework notified
  9. JV1/EZ2:Workshop:Wikistats/vis, 45-90m. Abstract needed notified
  10. TT1:Workshop:Free-content, 45-90m. Thomas Thaler. Ways togenerate more free content.
    see also: JJ1 (pres. or workshop)
  11. FA1:Workshop:Supporting-WM, 45-60m. Frank Antwerpes, other?. Long-term financial plans, gaining industry support for free knowledge. notified
  12. RCP1:Tutorial:Monitoring, 60m. ??? Tools and tricks for monitoring RC, killing spam. Platform dependence, integration with other tools. CDVM, rcb, IRC-rc, etc. Use of rv links, bans & blocks, meta:blacklist, etc.

  1. GV1:Global, 60m+. Global Voices panel. Moderator: Joi?
  2. WIKI1:Wiki, 60m+. What are wikis good for?
  3. LANG1:Lang/Tech, 60-90m. Multilingualism panel. (Could be a 5-6 person affair)
  4. IDENT1:Tech:Identity, 60m. Identity panel. issues of shared identity across projects, wikis, platforms.


Tight sociology cluster:

  1. AB1:Research/Quality/Sociology, 15-30m. Andreas Braendle (Zuerich). Study of 450 articles; extensive data analysis. notified
  2. YA1:Sociology:motivation, 30m. Yaron Ariel et. al - notified
  3. JT1:Sociology:motivation, 10-15m. Jeremy Tobacman. Why people contribute (economist's perspective) - notified
  4. AL1:Sociology, 15m+. Amruta Lonkar, Marcela Musgrove, et al. Analysis of Hi/Tu/Es WP. notified
  5. CL1:Sociology:learning, 15m+. Cormac Lawler. Wikipedia as learning community. notified
  6. JR1:Sociology:negotiation, 15m+. Joseph Reagle. Negotiation, community development. notified
  7. CM1:Sociology:conflicts, 15m. Cathy Ma, et al. Anons as good users. notified
  8. AB2:Sociology:structure, 15m+. Andreas Brand (Frankfurt). Wikipedia comparison w/KDE, other open groups. notified
  9. RB2:Research:LinkAnalysis, 15-30m. Robert Bonato. Case study: network analysis of links in WP; authority. notified
  10. BO1:Sociology:censorship, 15-30m. boud. Meme evolution; suppresion & feedback loops. notified
  11. SS1:Wiki:Philosophy, 30m. Sunir Shah. Soft security & other wiki concepts notified
  12. TH1:Quality:Monitoring, 10-15m. Tsila Hassine. NPOV dispute monitor; future plans. notified


  1. KS1:Global, 15m. Kasper Souren. Africa, Bambara efforts. notified
  2. AP1:Global, 30m. A P. Views from southern Africa. notified
  3. FD1:Global:Africa, 15-30m. Florence Devouard. Abstract to come... "what we might do over there" notified
  4. GM3:Project,Lang:Wiktionary, 30m. Gerard Meijssen. Wiktionary, Ultimately. notified
  5. WG1:Project, 30m. Wolfgang Georgsdorf. Int'l sign language dictionary. notified
  6. RV1:Project,Trans, 30+m. Rodrigo Vergara. LOGOS Dictionary - history and structure. -No Submission in OTRS notified, still needs an abstract.
  7. SJ1:Knowledge:History, 30m. Samuel Klein. History of the reference work (and WM) - does not need notification
  8. GB1:Law:Copyright, 30m+. Gabriele Beger. On rights, conflicts between wikis and commercialization of knowledge. notified.
  9. RM1:Business:Wiki, 60m. Ross Mayfield. Case studies of wiki use and adoption. notified
  10. SB2:Business:MWiki, 30m. Steve Bjorg. MW for business; also building communities behind firewalls (see SB1). Possible silver sponsor.
  11. JH1:Politics Jan Ulrich Hasecke, 10m. Wikitiution - Constitution for Europa


  1. JJ1:Tech:Standards, 30m (45m workshop?). Janne Jalkanen. WikiRPC; WebDAV for exposing repositories. notified
  2. BV1:Tech:MW, 30m+. Brion Vibber. Extending & embedding MW notified
  3. DM1:Tech:Systems, 30m+. Domas Mituzas and Tim Starling. notified
  4. EM1:Tech:Future, 30m+. Erik Möller. Future development of the projects does not need notification
  5. TG3:Tech:Interwiki, 15-30m. Thomas Gries. "Integrate data dynamic/statically from foreign servers" notified but still to be discussed
  6. FT1:Tech:Metadata, 10-15m. Frédéric Philipp Thiele. Image metadata handling; should be encouraged to look at current Commons, Wikidata setups. notified
  7. SM1:Tools:Wikiproxy+, 30m. Stefan Magdalinski. On Wikiproxy, auto-classificaiton of documents, and more. notified
  8. ZZ1:Tools:Charsets, 15-30m. Zhengzhu Feng. Chinese charsets, extensions. notified
  9. RB1:Geowiki:Digigraffiti, 30m. Russell Buckley notified
  10. JK1:Geowiki:Coding, 30m Jens Kammann. Geocoding of Wiki articles, with hands-on ex. notified
  11. DK1:SemanticWeb/Wiktionary/Research, 30m? (joint w/nsh?). WikiSense - Mining the Wiki. (for a semantic net.) notified
  12. MK2:SemanticWeb:Standards, 30m+. Markus Kroetzsch. Getting WData to work w/ RDF, OWL notified
  13. JV2:SemanticWeb:Biblio, 15m. Jakob Voss. Personendata : stats, initial results. notified
  14. LH1:Edu:Publication, 30m. Lambert Heller. Academic publication of wiki content. notified
  15. CS1:Edu:Language, 20m. Chee Siang Ang et al. Language learning through wiki-games. notified
  16. TD2:Edu:Paradigm, 15m Tuur Demester. "End of higher education." Bloglearning and wiki cooperation notified - canceled
  17. SG1:Edu:Assessment, 15m. Salvor Gissurardottir. Brainstorming, distance peer-assessment; Icelandic example site. notified
  18. PA1:Research:Trust, 15m. Phoebe Ayers, et al. Surveys of Ref desk, WP users. notified
  19. MP2:Wiki:KM, 30m. Marco Prestipino. Examples, ideas of community as Knowledge Management tool. notified
  1. JBS1:Wikipedia, 30m? Jean-Baptiste Soufron. The political importance of the Wikipedia Project : the only true Encyclopedia of our days


  1. EK-CD1:, 30m. Eugene Kim, Chris Dent. Agreed to speak about the history of collaboration; told a while back we had funding for one of them; looking for funding for Chris D. - where is the abstract/ticket?
  2. Directmedia Publishing (Publisher of German Wikipedia on CD/DVD) - no submission yet, but informal invitation (yes, please Sj)
  3. TT1: Thomas Thaler sj contacted him but there is no OTRS ticket

Rotten submissions

  1. SB1/SB2 (see above) Nota and elian have to talk to him more, so far nothing is settled yet with sponsoring.
  2. RV1: Rodrigo Vergara no abstract yet
  3. SH1: Syed Huq. Free knowledge (see [1])

After hours (not in the official program or proceedings)

  1. KJ1:WikiHistory, 60m?. Kurt Jansson (evening program)
  2. WMD1:WikiHistory, 15m+. Diverse cast. The Five-Minute Wikimedia (evening program)
  3. TRIV1:WikiTrivia, 60m+. Various moderators. Wiki Trivia Contest! (evening program)


Who can/want/do we fund? How many Speakers could need funding?

Keynote speakers

  • JW1 - from the conference coffers? Hostel single.
  • WC1 - 5 nights hotel, biz-class round-trip(RT) from Fredricksburg, Near DC; return to Portland.
  • RMS1- travel from Boston.
  • RM1 - 3? nights hotel, RT from Palo Alto

Speakers & Panelists

  • KS1 Kaspar Souren (Mali)
  • SS1 Sunir Shah
  • YA1 Yaron Ariel asked for flight (550$) + accomodation
  • TH1 Tsila Hassine (Amsterdam) student

Some funding needed?

  • EZ1 Erik Zachte (Netherlands)

No/minimal funding needed

  • KJ1 Kurt Jansson (Berlin, Germany) (Verein help? JV)

Breakdown by supercategory

rejected submissions are not included below; see also rejected abstracts

Research with Wikimedia, abstractions of data

AB1, EZ2, JV1, MB1

Wikipedia, Wiki use/sociology, Quality improvement

BMH1, BO1, CL1, JR1, MP1, WC1, WIKI1

The developing world and multilingualism

GV1, MM1, RF1

Fun and Wiki History


Wikimaps, Geodata

AC1, JK1, RB1, TD1, MW1, FP1

Education, Wikibooks/versity

JBS3, KS1, LH1, MP1, PC1, SG1, TD2,

Law, Copyright, IP Politics

GB1, JBS1, JBS2, JBS4,

Corporate wikis, Wiki economics

FA1, RM1, SB1, SB2, SS1, TG1, TG2

Software; Wiki standards, extension, & integration

BV1, DV1, EK-CD, EZ1, EM1, GM1, GM2, TG3, TG4