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All submissions are listed on abstracts. Please put you shortcut under accept or reject. At Categories submissions are sortes for accept or reject.


  1. Regularly have a look at OTRS cfp-queque
  2. Finish accepted message template
  3. Create a Template at the Proceedings for accepted ones
  4. Determine which people really need funding (please add priority)
  5. Send rejected or accepted message
  6. Announce and find more people to help

Speakers: potential | abstracts | reject | accept | Categories | List | Timetable

To be send at several wikimedia-mailing-lists


Wikimania's call for papers has concluded, and the Program Committee has finished reviewing the submissions. Almost 90 proposals for presentations, workshops, papers, and posters were submitted and almost 60 were accepted as part of the official program. We are currently notifying all authors - this may take a while because the organising team is rather small and we are not using a professional software for conference planning (for instance Pentabarf) but a wiki.

We are currently soliciting volunteers to help edit the official conference proceedings, hosted by Wikibooks[1]. In true Wiki form, the proceedings will be open to editing by anyone, but we're looking for a few reliable people to oversee the process. We also need a few volunteers to liaise with the authors of accepted papers and assist with program coordination. If either of these tasks interests you, please add yourself at wikibooks and contact or find us in #wikimania on Freenode.

Greetings, Jakob


send to foundation-l and wikipedia-l -- Nichtich 08:29, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)

P.S: Don't forget to register for Wikimania in advance!