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Tabular Terror

ID Submitter Title Ticket / Responses Categories Comments

Wikipedia, Wiki use/sociology, Quality improvement

WC1 Ward Cunningham [On The Evolution of Wiki?] (Keynote) none yet
(large audience <~ 400) - WIKIS, WIKIMEDIA
WIKI1 ?? Jimbo, Ward, others "What are wikis good for?" (Panel, Community discussion) none yet
(large audience <~ 400) - WIKIPEDIA Maybe a real-time use of wikis to brainstorm and moderate the debate? Maybe a roomful of people taking notes on a TING wiki while the panelists field questions...
(large audience <~ 400) - WIKIPEDIA Jimbo: Bruce could moderate a panel on "really awful ideas that would destroy wikipedia," not this one. Jakob: Uli, too? or not.
BO1 boud The role of pos/neg feedback and NPOV on meme evolution in the wikisphere (abstract on userpage) [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80)? - WIKI SOCIOLOGY Interesting; good for community-discussion? - Sj
CL1 Cormac Lawler Wikipedia as a learning community (dissertation) (see also [1]) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)? - WIKI-SOCIOLOGY see JoeR's paper below. Sj
JR1 Joseph Reagle Research paper: A Case of Mutual Aid: Wikipedia, Politeness, and Perspective Taking. see [2] [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80) - WIKI-SOCIOLOGY? see Cormac's paper above. Sj

The developing world and multilingualism

RF1 Richard Forrest Mobilizing Wikis to Assist Global Sustainable Development [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50)/(medium audience <~ 80) - GLOBAL DEV
GV1 ?? Wikimedia and content from global voices (Panel) none
(small audience <~ 50)/(medium audience <~ 80) - DEVELOPING WORLD Concept: How Wikimedia projects give voice to people in the developing world, helping to rectify a POV slanted towards media centers; a discussion. How WP is used, how people can / would like to contribute. Related projects in those countries. Sj
MM1 Marcela Musgrove, et al. Analysis of Hindi, Turkish and Spanish Wikipedia content. ?? exists.
Jakob, list
(medium audience <~ 80) - MULTILING Could be fantastic. We need more of this kind of language work. Sj

Fun and Wiki History

KJ1 Kurt Jansson Grandpa Kurt and the good old times (in German, should be a suprise) (Presentation) [OTRS]
Jakob, sj
(large audience <~ 400) - FUN, WIKI HISTORY I told him we recieved the submission Nichtich. He was interested in having story submissions; could do this outside normal schedule late at night, with marshmallows. Sj
SK1 Samuel Klein The Five-Minute Wikimedia (Presentation/play) none yet
(medium audience <~ 80)/(large audience <~ 400) - FUN, WIKI HISTORY
TRIV ?? Wikimedia trivia session (extension of various quizzes) none
(medium audience <~ 80)/(large audience <~ 400) Help from Mark and anyone else who loves Jeopardy / Quiz Bowl et al. Perhaps we can get a good lineup and borrow equipment for a real 'competition'. (Many attendees have moderated / competed in similar contests, shouldn't be hard)

Wikimaps, Geodata

RB1 Russell Buckley [3] Extending Wikipedia into the Physical World [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)? - WIKIMAPS Jakob: I asked him for details (presentation/panel/whatever). Sj: one of many map proposals.
TD1 Tobias Dahinden (Institut für Kartographie) Kartengestaltung in Wikipedia - eine Aufforderung für bildschirmgerechte Kartengraphik related blog (Vortrag ~30min) abstract [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)? - WIKIMAPS

Education, Wikibooks/versity

KS1 Kasper Souren Using Wikimedia projects to bridge the digital divide, focus on Mali [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80) - EDUCATION, INTERNATIONAL Excellent. Sj
PC1 Paul Caplan Open source content: Open source education (Workshop) Word doc on OTRS (not checked for viruses) [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80)-EDUCATION ...
JBS3 Jean-Baptiste Soufron Wikipedia as an institutional tool to develop legal knowledge draft (workshop/presentation) [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50)/(medium audience <~ 80) - EDUCATION Education topics are always interesting; probably small.
SG1 Salvor Gissurardottir Brainstorming with a Wiki (ShortPresentation) [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50) - EDUCATION ...
LH1 Lambert Heller Scientific publication with Wikis (see [4]) [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80)? - EDUCATION, WIKIVERSITY
TD2 tuur demeester [5] Higher education through social software: the end of the school as we know it. [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50)/(medium audience <~ 80) - EDUCATION
MP1 Marco Prestipino Creating knowledge in virtual communities [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50)/(medium audience <~ 80) - EDUCATION dup? Sj

Law, Copyright, IP Politics

JBS1 Jean-Baptiste Soufron (lawyer) The political importance of Wikipedia (draft) [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80)? - RIGHTS, SOCIETY Probably only medium; though an excellent topic. Panel with Jimbo for large session?
JBS2 Jean-Baptiste Soufron Copyright on wikipedia (workshop) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)? (large audience <~ 400) panel? COPYRIGHT ... too big a topic to have as a single med-sized session. Panel w/FSF?
JBS4 Jean-Baptiste Soufron ??
?? (fourth submission; check OTRS)
GB1 Gabriele Beger (Legal stuff. Accepted?, but details missing; ask PatrickD) no ticket
(large audience <~ 400)/(medium audience <~ 80) - RIGHTS Details, please. How to coordinate with other legal presentations? Prev Beger presentations, etc. Sj

Corporate wikis, Wiki economics

SS1 Sunir Shah Taking wikis back to the office [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)/(small audience <~ 50)? WIKI OUTREACH combine with other users? Great poster. Sj
SB1 Steve Bjorg Building Lasting Communities Behind Firewalls [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)/(small audience <~ 50)? WIKI USE Combine? See below; TG papers. - Sj.
SB2 Steve Bjorg MediaWiki for Small- to Medium-sized Businesses [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)/(small audience <~ 50)? WIKI USE Combine? - Sj.
RM1 Ross Mayfield Case studies on wiki use within Enterprises for proj. communication (Presentation) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)/(small audience <~ 50)? WIKI USE Great - Sj.
FA1 Frank Antwerpes (runs flexicon) Talking about money (see note) [[[:Template:Workshop]]] [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400) (panel?)), WIKI ECONOMY Very interesting. Should get another voice in here, perhaps, for balance and clarity. Popular subject. Sj
TG1 Thomas Gries (Wikinaut) How Mediawiki with e-mail notification supports collaborative working in a secure intranet environ (Tutorial/Workshop) [OTRS]
(small audience <~ 50) He is telling everybody about enotif anyway, why another Tutorial ? -- Nichtich
See comments on EZ1, below. Ideal for off-calendar meetings...
TG2 Thomas Gries Auto-login and auto-account creation based on external authentication methods, for barrier-free wiki access (Windows networks, ...) ??
(small audience <~ 50) This looks to be about autogenerating wiki users and passwords from existing user accounts (on a web-based intranet, within a coldfusion setup, on a windows-server-authenticated LAN, &c). So people don't have to suffer Yet Another Account syndrome when adding a wiki to their office setup. Sj

Software; Wiki standards, extension, & integration

EK-CD Eugene Kim and Chris Dent When Is a Wiki Not a Wiki? (The case for interoperability) Blueoxen none yet
(medium audience <~ 80)/(large audience <~ 400), TECHSTUFF, EXTENDING WIKI see also #purple on freenode.
TG3 Thomas Gries Extending the Interwiki concept - beyond any limits (a proposal) (Tutorial/Workshop) ??
(medium audience <~ 80)? Panel: (large audience <~ 400)? TECHSTUFF, WIKISPHERE I asked the WikiNode guys - perhaps we can have a Workshop on interlinking wikis -- Nichtich Sweet. yes, as part of our standardization series... can they come to Hackdays? Sj)
TG4 Thomas Gries Single user log-in on all Wikis - concepts for a long felt need (Workshop) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)?, TECHSTUFF Also a parallel event during Hackdays? Sj
EM1 Erik Moeller Phase IV: The Future of MediaWiki and the Wikimedia Projects (Presentation) [OTRS]
(large audience <~ 400) - TECHSTUFF, EXTENDING WIKI Sounds like an ideal panel to me; reason to make Tim S. come. Hackdays parallel? Sj
GM1 Gerard Meijssen (Ultimate Wiktionary : Goals, progress, implementation. (presentation)) none?
(medium audience <~ 80)? - PROJECT, EXTENDING WIKI, WIKISPHERE Doesn't want to do anything if not also wiktionary to an audience of thousands. ;) Hopes to have working prototype by then. Sj
GM2 Gerard Meijssen Workshop recording sound/pronunciations (workshop) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80) - TECHSTUFF, EXTENDING WIKI Many people could do this sound workshop. Sj
EZ1 Erik Zachte "Introduction to EasyTimeline" (45 min Workshop) and/or "Grand Unified Timeline of Human History" (Presentation/Discussion, 30 min) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)/(small audience <~ 50) - TECHSTUFF, EXTENDING WIKI I like the project presentation better; an introduction to specific tools (like easytimeline and enotif) can be done off the main schedule. Sj
BV1 Brion Vibber Extending and embedding the MediaWiki framework (Presentation/Workshop) [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80) - TECHSTUFF We need a handful of MW talks... Sj
DV1 Denny Vradencic, et al Semantic Wikipedia [OTRS]
(medium audience <~ 80)? - TECHSTUFF These are everywhere. How to choose? Sj

Complete list

The above list is incomplete, as is the one now on Internal:Speakers/Abstracts. For some reason, my efforts to make sure the list included everyone have been reverted again, so here's yet another list with everyone in it. I can't see how this relates to the new one, and what happened to this version, which clearly listed people as accepted or possible? The red links below should indicate people which are not on Internal:Speakers/Abstracts yet. Angela 10:14, 27 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This is a corrected update that equals speakers/abstracts: -- Nichtich 21:45, 30 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]