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Durante la conferenza si terranno una competizione di scrittura e una multimediale. Ci saranno categorie separate per i contenuti creati nei mesi precedenti a Wikimania, e per i contenuti creati a o in prossimità di Wikimania.

Regole generali

Tutte le candidature:

  • possono essere iscritte ad una sola categoria.
  • devono essere opere fatte da te (comunque la collaborazione è incoraggiata!)
  • devono essere rilasciate sotto licenza GFDL, sotto licenza multipla comprendente la GFDL, o nel pubblico dominio.
  • devono soddisfare completamente i diritti di autore (ovvero, non devono esserci preoccupazioni sul diritto d'autore riguardo l'argomento dei media o del testo)
  • non devono essere state caricate sui progetti di Wikimedia prima del 1 gennaio 2005
  • should be suitable for use on one or more Wikimedia projects (if media content, should be suitable for more than just the Commons)

The closing date for entries for content created before the conference is 1st August 2005. Entries for content created en route to or at the conference must be complete by sometime on August 6th.

Writing competition

There will be categories for articles (biography and other), news, primary source material, text modules, and wiki poetry.

Media competition

There will be categories for audio, video, and four categories for photography: "nature", "people", "places" and "objects". There will also be three extra categories (one for each of photography, audio and video) for media created at, or on the way to, the conference.

Submissions should be uploaded to commons and listed at the gallery page on Wikimania Media Competition. They may be digitally manipulated to improve any aspect, but should remain a true and accurate representation of the subject.

Consideration will be given to the choice of subject, with unusual or difficult to obtain subjects being given extra credit, but the quality of the submission will be the primary consideration

File types:

  • Photos should be submitted as .jpg files and be suitable for printing at 20 X 30cm
  • Audio should be submitted as .ogg files
  • Video should be submitted as .mpeg or any open video format


  1. Photography - Nature: A specific insect, plant, animal etc. or a more general image of natural phenomena. Subjects must be accurately identified in order to make them fully suitable for the projects (i.e. "insect" is not sufficient, which species is it?)
  2. Photography - People: This can be a specific person mentioned on the projects, or a more general illustration of a person (for example doing a particular job or of a particular nationality).
  3. Photography - Places: This includes landmarks from particular places as well as more general images.
  4. Photography - Objects: A catch-all category. Might include an illustration of a recipe for Wikibooks, a household item for an article on Wikipedia, and so on.
  5. Audio: Entries in this category should be recordings of music, speech, sounds of nature, or other audio content. For information on and help with audio formats, see m:Sound and en:Wikipedia:Sound.
  6. Video: Entries in this category should be video clips, edited shorts, animations, or other video content. For information on and help with video formats, see m:Video
  7. Wikimania: Media for this category should be created at, or on the way to, Wikimania. Facilities for uploading and processing, and for printing images, will be provided (I hope). There will be separate prizes for each of photography, audio and video in this category.

The Grand Final

All winners in the previous seven categories will be entered into the final. There will be photography, audio and video winners.


The contest is organized by Sj, Bdk and sannse.