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  • add page, fill in content
  • add {{Draft}} while you're working on it
  • review content, ask others to review it
  • put {{ReadyToTranslate}} when page is ready
  • translation (here or on meta)
  • ask dev to add page to whitelist


Sample localization bar, naming convention Template:PagenameHeader. Please feel free to improve the layout before creating too many of them ;-)

<div style="float:right; font-size:x-small">
{| id="mplanguages"
| [[Hauptseite|deutsch]]  || [[Accueil|français]] || [[Main Page|english]] 
| [[Ĉefpaĝo|esperanto]] || [[Portada|español]]  || [[Pagina principale|italiano]]
| [[メインページ|日本語]]  || [[Hoofdpagina|netherlands]] || [[Strona główna|Polski]] 

Pictures & Content needed

  • Logos from the sponsors in appropriate sizes
  • Nice to have: small symbols for plane, car, rail etc.
  • Photos & Bios from the speakers
  • Photos from the Haus der Jugend

Translation requests

Ready to translate

Following priorities. Top is the highest

  1. Hacking days - need: eo, ja
  2. Call for papers - need: eo
  3. Visa information - need: (de, nl), eo, ja

See also meta:Translation requests/Wikimania.

Tentative contents

But it would be nice to fill those pages ;-)

Request filfilled

  1. Contact
  2. Location
  3. Accomodation
  4. Speakers

Design: Things to consider

Please keep in mind that we need to present the sponsor logos in a template box on all pages, as well as the navigation links (on the other hand we should get rid of the standard wiki navigation links on the left for visitors, tricky thing :-(). --Elian 12:55, 22 Mar 2005 (UTC)

Things to be fixed

  • Pages released after the site opening.
  • all pages not listed on "Browse" are listed here.



Ready to Publish; please list them on whitelist
If you list them up, please leave us a remark. Thank you.