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The people the above care for deadline, translators and proofreader. Shortly responsible for his or her language publishment. It is not necessary the proofreader and the person who is responsible for the language is a same person.


Translation requests

Sorted by priority (the top is the highest)

  1. Reservation policy En, Fr, Es.
    • Need: Ar, Eo, It, Nl ...
  2. Visa information En, Fr, Es, It, Pl.
    • Need: Ar, Ja, Zh ...
  3. Template:Navigation - if thl, Template:NavigationThl and so on. See the list/site map.
  4. Contact
    • Need: Ar
  5. Speakers - Need: Eo, Ja
  6. Hacking days - Need: Eo, Ja
  7. Call for papers - Need: Ar, Eo, Zh

Related translation:

  1. WMF "Latest news": see TR/quick, meta. Now wanted: Es, It, Ko, Es, Ro.

See also