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The programme will be printed on August 3.


  • Barbara Pfeifer : Personendaten, A0 or A1
  • Ingo Frost : diplom work
  • Apple Germany : wants to show off their new widgets @ a table
  • Arnulf Christi : a poster w/ their own machine & projector, to show off mapping apps.
  • Daniel : rcbirds (multiple monitors?)
  • Mapping posters, c/o Jakob (who will explain them? Jakob? Arnulf?)

Other talks

Please note : We have a number of gaps to fill in the schedule now; I would rather not have too many rooms that only have 2 15-minute presentations to fill 90 minutes. Sj

Page protection

I don't see a good reason to unprotect this page; all changes at this point must be minor and go through the programme committee. I would like to request that it be protected again so that edits can be implemented by a sysop.--Eloquence

Sound and other issues

see m:Broadcasting for sound details

Thursday event

Sven. Eugene. Ward. Brion/Tim. Ross.

Other: [Thurs: Christophe Ducamp (Craowiki) +2]
[Thurs? WikiHow. ]
[via IRC? Atlassian/Confluence, Snip/Snap]
  • Introductions (15m)
  • Breakout? (30m) 5-person groups. Have everyone ask certain questions.
    • Gather again afterwards (30m)
  • Platform introductions (plenary or? 45m) -
Sven (Twiki basics & simples lessons)
Ward (initial wiki dev)
Eugene (abstraction / layer separation and P-wiki)
Crao story (Christophe)
Discussion (15+m)
  • MediaWiki answers (MW devs; if desired)