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Below are some issues with the draft timetable prepared last Thursday, after initial improvements made by Jakob and Sj, before an edit war broke out. All of the following are fixed in the modified timetable; which has also incorporated most other requested changes. Sj

First two dozen

1) The "Florence and Africa" issue is in fact a "Florence and the
developing world" issue; it would be best not to have a "Middle East"
panel before her.
2) The Global Voices panel is missing.
2b) There is hardly room for a 'middle east' panel, and it overlaps
enough with the Global Voices panel that these can be merged to
everyone's contentment
3) Achal's talk is not about Wikimedia in the Developing World.  He
deserves to have his own space to talk.  Florence could usefully be
paired, in this 2-hour long session, with the other three people who
are talking about the same subject.

 The developing world setup needs to be discussed in detail.
 See Angela's and my previous comments.-Erik

3) Chee Siang Ang is topically out of place.
4) Erik Zachte's talk was intended to be about this specific project
(which he has been promoting recently), not a technical workshop;
though he ended up as a short tutorial on the Categories page.  In any
case, his room is underbooked (Thiele is a short pres).

 Yes. Move Erik and Sj to Small Room, move Oscar to E10 and CS Ang to Sunday, 14:30.--Erik

5) E12 is underbooked.

 E12 is a small room for 16 people, it makes sense to use it only if we have to.--Erik

7) Janne will have little time to present, after two of the most
anticipated workshops of the conference.  Said workshops might not
want to be opposite the developing world panel; switching them with
the later session's K.Saal group might be useful.
8) E11 is underbooked for that same session.
9) The copyright workshop and Beger presentation, both quite
interesting, are in a small room.  Even E11 would probably be too

10) Posters should already be set up in the Terrassensaal by
lunchtime, not given during the 45 minute break (though that would be
a good time for people to wander by them)

11) Michael Anobile has a technical talk, unrelated to the two other
gentlemen in Friday's last G. Saal session.  Both JC Tall and Milton
are unknown speaker quantities.
12) the K. Saal ane E11 are underbooked

13) E10 is underbooked.  the K.  Saal is slightly so.
14) E11 is underbooked.  E12 is empty.
15) Robert Bonato is topically out of place.
16) Kissling an Mao have unrelated topics.  This is not terrible, but
also not a great use of the G. Saal.

17) No poster sessions planned here.

18) Lambert Heller is topically out of place.  Or rather, the other
two are, since both were marginally accepted and not a great use of 
the K. Saal.
19) Brand is out of place in E11.
20) Cathy Ma is most out of place in the G. Saal, which is underbooked.
21) Neither Bonato nor Dahinden should be in the K.Saal; the workshop
will not draw such a crown, and Bonato is out of place; he should be
with the other data-analysis groups, perhaps directly part of the
visualization workshop.
22) E11 is underutilized.
22b) Vergara can't stay that late; he leaves early on Sunday.
22c) Vergara should ideally be paired with Gerard, since they are both
talking about the same ideas for the future, and will be fielding the
same questions.
23) Brion's tutorial is in a tiny room; it should be in E11 or the K. Saal.

24) No poster sessions planned at this point.  The trivia contest
needs to be over by 16:30, not carried out during that closing

Other issues: conflicts, &c.

  • Gerard M. conflicts with Wikisign and with Kennisnet.

He feels strongly about both.

What is this page? I only knew about Internal talk:Programme/Timetable which is the one I was basing the new programme on. Are these old issues that can be redirected to Internal talk:Programme/Timetable now? Angela 02:09, 22 July 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]