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@Jimbo - please add the current info on sponsorships here

  • Gurunet: 30 000 euros
  • Socialtext: 5 000 euros
  • Antwerpes AG: 2 000 euros
  • Sun:
    • Party
  • Heise:
    • To be worked out (elian cares for), perhaps they could print folders
  • 30 000 euros
    • This would be the main sponsor(s), most prominently featured on the website
    • Presence of logo on advertising banners (web stuff ?), logo on site on the biggest conference banners
    • Quote in the press releases, mention their name in interviews etc.
    • Provided they can make an interesting/relevant speech, maybe a speaker's slot
    • Banners at the conference
    • We give out flyers and stuff
    • Invitation to private sponsors/board/speakers dinner
  • 10 000 euros
    • Lesser mention on website
    • Smaller logo on stuff
    • banners at conference
    • we give out flyers and stuff
  • 5000 euros
    • Mention on sponsor page
    • We give out flyers and stuff
  • 1000 euros
    • This is my last-ditch sales pitch, to be tailored depending on what I have heard

What we can sell

  • display board in the entry with logos of sponsors
  • give leaflets in some sort of welcome pack everyone gets
  • overhead display for sponsors during breakouts
  • space to distribute flyers/info,
  • logo on the poster
  • to be listed as some kind of special corporate partner for a year
  • mention of sponsors in press releases and advertisement

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