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The List

Speakers, others needing special rooms and reservations


Ward Cunningham

  • Flight - departing Tuesday late-aft from Dulles (DCA) to FRA, departing Monday or Tuesday from FRA to PDX
  • Hotel - 5 nights (Wed to Mon)

Ross Mayfield

  • Flight - roundtrip from Cali (SFO?) to FRA, departures on Wednesday and Monday
  • Hotel - 4 nights (Thu to Sun)


  • Flight - roundtrip from BOS to FRA, departures on Thursday and Sun / Mon [unsure yet, 48 hr wait].
  • Hostel / local house - from Thursday through Sunday nights

Sunir Shah

  • Flight - roundtrip from Vancouver?
  • Hotel - 4 nights (Thu through Sun)

May be covered by OSI Hossein Derakhshan

  • Flight - roundtrip from Ontario, Canada
  • Hotel - 3 nights (Fri through Sun)

Eugene Kim

  • Flight - roundtrip from SF
  • Hostel - 3 nights...

H der J rooms

Up to 60 rooms needed. See the 65 accepted speakers, be grateful we aren't full yet.

  • RMS (2? nights, perhaps, if no local house found)
  • Twiki devs (1-3 for 2 nights),
  • Xwiki devs (Ludovic, 1, for 2 nights),
  • Atlassian devs (Mike C-B for 1-2 nights),

Hotel rooms

  • Gruppo Logos : Vergara & Bazzani (2) [and a dev? maybe another (1) ], 2-3 nights (Fri to Sun)
  • LISA rep : Michael (1), 1-2 nights
  • Sj's mother : Nora (1), Sun/Monday, 2 nights
  • Directmedia representative (1?), 2? nights
  • German legal expert (1), 2? nights

General conference registration / body counts

Sunday night





- Andreas Brand (AB2) [whenever he speaks]




RC Showcase

  • Six or seven monitors, tracking recent changes.
    1. ENWP, known non-bot users (from a list of 10,000) - 30/minute
    2. ENWP, other (new users, anons, bots? see below.) - 20/minute
    3. Large WPs (top 10?) - 25/minute?
    4. Small WPs (bottom 100) - 20/minute?
    5. Other projects (ENWN, ENWB topping the list) - 15/minute?
    6. Meta projects (meta, wmf, wikimania, mailing-list posts) - 10/hr??
      Since this is too little content; perhaps we can include here all posts to rare namespaces : Wikipedia: and Talk:, parallels on all other projects.
    7. Optional: Bots, on all projects - 1/minute, averaged out? 20+/min at peak times.
  • A combined external-RC feed; somehow displayed / hooked up to sounds.
    1. Flickr, similar? photos
    2., Technorati, Feedster, other tags
Matching tags: Wikipedia, Wikimedia, Wikinews, Wikimania, Mediawiki, etc.
Secondary matches: Wiki, "free knowledge", "open content", "free content", etc.
Talk to people from the last O'Reilly conf to do this for Flickr

Ideal: offer internal broadcasting of these feeds, that visitors could select from over the intranet. An odd form of multicasting.

Wiki Visitors

Ward Cunningham (c2, xp, &c)

  • Late August 2 - August 8.
    • Cost: biz-class ticket, housing.
  • Ancient wiki history, What are Wikis Good For?, FIT and testing methods (casual, hackfest), Potential patterns for MediaWiki development (maybe?, casual, hackfest), [insert your suggestion here]
    • Game for taking part in many events; wants to get to know the community
  • May not be able to look at source code, depending on how scared MS lawyers are about GFDL-tainting

Sven Dowideit (twiki)

  • "hopefully for the entire event", coming from Australia via Zurich
    • Cost: none.
  • looking to bring other twiki devs along

Christophe Ducamp (craowiki)

Ludovic Dubost (xwiki)

  • days: 2, perhaps Wed and Thurs or Thurs and Fri. "2 or 3" Xwiki devs considering coming.
    • Cost: none. "We'd love to participate... [in a bit of dev and non-dev conference]"
  • Talks: 1) small-rm presentaiton of xwiki (off-schedule), 2) panel on dev roadmaps for the future of wiki, 3) multilingualism panel (counterpoint: novel efforts in xwiki)

Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian/confluence)

  • days : unkown; travelling back to Oz from UK.
    • Cost: none. Wants to see a panel about "things wikis /shouldn't/ be able to do... but can"
  • Talks: 1) enterprise dev panel (they're perhaps the largest enterprise wiki platform; 400 clients), 2) cute wiki tricks (tales from their FedEx Day -- simultaneous editing, javascript-sexy edits in place, clever metadata and discussion-page tricks, advanced ACL magic...)

Other Visitors

Rebecca Ray (LISA)

  • days unknown
    • Cost: none? coming from LISA's swiss HQ
  • looking for other localization experts to invite
    Update: Michael Anobile seems like the candidate to come.
Subject: RE: LISA at Wikimania?

this sounds good. let me see what your agenda looks like-- 
also the companies/attendee profiles. i can select case data 
from an fairly wide selection of companies.

probably using ibm, avaya... and smaller. but. it makes better 
sense to get some data first [on who will be there], then decide.
please keep me posted.

Michael Anobile <>

Vergara (LOGOS dictionary)

  • days flexible.
  • Cost: ~none; Logos is interested in sponsorship, paying own way, bringing 2 people
    Update: Wants to sponsor for $1k Euros.
  • Presentations: 1) on the history of the logos dictionary and its conception / community, 2) a panel on ultimate wiktionary comparing visions. "He would prefer to speak in Spanish or Italian."
  • Other: offers of translation services and help, pending interest from translators (who are not employees; would have to agree to volunteer). Offered a list of interpreters who live in the area, from their db, who we could ask to come for travel/lodging.