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Text particpation

Will there be live IRC transcripts? Later audio ones?
Will there be separate IRC backchannels for each room? One for the whole conference?
Will there be screens in any of the rooms for displaying ongoing IRC discussions?
Will there be and technorati tags for the conference to track who is writing about it?

Video participation

see audio participation, also

  • Will there be video cameras? How many? During which days?
  • Will there be streamed video? Software to convert from the default format to theora?
  • Will there be podcast video uploadd regularly? Say, noon and early evening?

Audio participation

Conference line(s)

  • So anyone can call in from anywhere in the US or UK and reach the same voice channel?
    Kyle : the conference line isn't recorded... it's just there for freematrix'ers. It's one room that's always open to all people to chat in.
    Public Conference Line:
    0870 340 3130(UK)
  • How large can the audio channel be? How many people at once?
    Kyle : we had one with 29 people in it... should be good up to 100. 4kbps per line; processor should be good up to 50Mbps (line in CA is 100Mbps)
actually the conf line is in New York on a colo server. the colo place it is at specializes in VoIP services and the guy that hosts it, file in #freematrix on, is one of their techs. If we need more, he can probably hook up one of the other servers. Although this is the case, he might need some money to pay for the phone numbers, one of the main coordinators should probably talk to him about that. --Apple July 2, 2005 18:50 (UTC)
  • Is there a natural way to broadcast the conference line to a room, while also broadcasting the sound in the room on a separate stream?
this would proove slightly difficult and require more then just a regular sound card unless you somehow had a way to mix two streams to the same speakers and then only stream the speakers to the conf line, but stream both together the icecast system... I could see it being done with three mixers and a lot of cords... any better ideas? --Apple July 2, 2005 18:50 (UTC)


What kind of connections do they have? If XLR, converters may be needed...

usually mixers also have an RCA red/white tape output along with the xlr outputs, if so we could use easily do something with that. One thing I must mention for the audio servers with ices, they can't have sound cards that use the ac_97 codec. I've tried with them, sound is really crappy, unless somebody has had better luck then me. --Apple July 2, 2005 18:50 (UTC)

Media file uploads

  • Immediately : upload podcasts (audio) every lunch and evening, if possible.
  • Eventually : keep them up on the freematrix archives et al.

VOIP lines

Get a VOIP number in each country; contact a provider that works in that country. Buy a line (perhaps one that allows multiple simultaneous calls in), and give that local number to people who want to call into the conference.

Recording sessions

Sj: is there anyone involved in recording and broadcasting the conference?

Apple: as far as I know I'm showing up and there will be a bunch of mixers already setup, and somebody or another is putting one linux box connected to each mixer with an internet connection for me to setup to be able to broadcast any speaker or panel of speakers...

Sj: Will we have this kind of setup for the Hacking Days also?

At times, there will be four rooms with events going on simultaneously. Will there be a central machine organizing the various mixers? Who will watch over all of the rooms? Who is organizing the local network of boxes hooked up to the various streams?


Will we be recording the sessions to discrete sound files as well as streaming them?

<Apple> recording locally, yes