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Seeded with old content from Berlin discussions


Simultaneous tracks? How many?

Encyclopedia track

  • The history of; research into related reference works
    history of large-scale reference work collaboration.
    encyclopedias, dictionaries, wikipedia, ...
  • Encyclopedia deathmatch : Britannica, Brockhaus, Wikipedia?
    'Building reference works' : EB/Brockhaus/Encarta speakers
    Brockhaus 'seem interested', maybe 2. an old person to talk about the past [] and a young one to talk about the present.
    Tim Bray could get a britannica contact
    cf. Jimbo's Britannica biz cards.

Library, museum, archive track

  • Data archiving.
  • Libraries: LoC, et al?
  • Museums: Frankfurt area museum effort... (see Fun, below)
  • Other big content sites: H2G2? CDDB?-IMDB? ODP? on openness... go.com?

Collaboration track

  • Collab deathmatch: Gelernter, Tim Berners-Lee, Linus Torvalds?
  • IBM/First Monday - Andrea Siphillaley, Martin Lawthenberg / Fernanda
  • Vala (thesis)
    German academic papers; two came to the ccc-booth.
  • social problems, get someone from usenet or? to speak. kurt wanted to get someone for 21c3 but had no time. conflict resolution. usenet (de diff from en), ODP, livejournal/blogger.

Legal & political/government track

  • many german lawyers. Lessig, FSF
    Wikipedians: Michael Snow, et al.
  • govmt interaction, funding, advising
    Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - center for govt edu.
    publishing information on politics for free...
  • soufron? must speak about something.

Multilingual communication track

  • sessions on translation and international networking
    presentation by Esperantists
  • small languages session(s) - getting them online, discussion about their communities [and where they flourish]
  • discussion of other big multilingual events/orgs

Research track

  • academics. nobel prize winners. libraries. proper endorsements.
    set up endorsements system; partnership system for donors?
    German Library Assoc. [cf patrick]
    Trolling on librarian lists... ALA et al.
    Jimbo can contact britannica co-speaker at june ALA conference.
  • writers about academia. vala notes/thesis.
  • IBM history flow; Martin W.
    some economist about stats they're gathering (Laibson)
  • [jay rosen] : breakdown of trasditional academia; "modern armchair researcher"
  • physicists? (t'Hooft, et al)
  • arXiv.org

Journalism, news track

  • news, give people more credit. distinguishing b/t original author and other?
  • get bloggers...
    • Paula from the BBC
    • people from radio show with ang... bob mcgascwin???

Business track

  • Jotwiki, socialtext...
  • Directmedia - CD/DVD (Mandrake? Print?)
  • organizer of big country encyclos (Brazil? Chile? Iceland? S.A., Holland)
  • Wikireaders? wikishop? cf. other organization-promotion experts.

Technical track

  • Wikimedia devs
  • Ward C.
  • Other big corp wikis : Jotspot? Socialtext? Alsatian confluence?
  • Wikisyntax standardization : mailing list wants an RfC...
    elian, erik.
  • Wikiidentity standardization? any mailing list?

Developing world track

  • 3rd-world initiatives. OSI, Germans, etc
  • People from every project... every language.
    Moeller, Ray Sant, GerardM, tomos/villy, isam, ...
  • find scholarships for travel from africa, central asia, s.am.
    visa information: get formal invitations for middle east.
    this issue will be handled on the EU level; not just political.
    mainly anti-illegal immigration.
  • censorship panel (wp in china; also the taiwan/china issues, turkey, Saudi)
  • Wizzy.za, others brining computer to africa
  • education in less-dev countries. india... computer-shipping groups.
    the c-shipping groups say 'sure, just send us CDs...'

General overview track

  • main first session, morning 1
    how the servers, community, remote use, reuse work
    dealing with spam, user conflicts, new projects.

Other? tracks

  • Education (see Developing world, research)
  • Ravers, anarchists (from cali)
  • The [Joi Ito] track

Other speakers

Notes from Frankfurt

  • Suggested Speakers (ask soon): Ward Cunningham, Stallman, Lessig, Moglen, Volker Grassmuck, Andrew Lih, Yochai Benkler (New York University), Tim Berners-Lee (Semantic Web), Ismail Serageldin (Library of Alexandria, Ito), Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive, Ito), Derrick de Kerkhove (Library of Congress, Ito), David Weinberger (Blogger, Ito), Karl La-Grange (W3C, Ito)
  • Joi's contacts: Ward Cunningham (easy), Stallman (hard), Lessig (easy), Moglen (no contact), Volker Grassmuck (not much contact), Andrew Lih (nope), Yochai Benkler (New York University) (so-so contact), Tim Berners-Lee (Semantic Web) (no contact)
Why we need to bother Joi for Andrew?? He listed himself on meta!

Workshops and Panels

  • Education panel : teachers; see old ml-posters from zh, en, hawaii. translators, marcom (jimbo's old school), Dieter Koehler.
    • Reuben Puentadura - Arg education / online references
  • translation/language panel:
    • Ono Susumu - Tamil-Japanese
    • Ethiopic - getting the language online; photographing docs.
  • troll panel?
    a session about troll problems; with active dissidents (ru, pl, es breakaways; "well-meaning" trolls)
  • Panel "Encyclopedia death match": invite brockhaus, britannica, encarta
  • Workshop on legal issues (Till Jaeger (german), Villy (french), Michael Snow (US))
  • Digital Divide/Development politics: (Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, Ethan Zuckermann, Danny)
  • Politics (open content & copyright legislation): (Joerg Tauss)
  • Education: (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung - contact Tim/Volker)
  • Technical: big picture for a general audience (how is the server farm organized, future directions of mediawiki development)
  • Status of the projects (short presentations)

Posters and other events

  • Poster session: cf. Wizards of OS?
    Main lobby area? or packed into a breakout room...
  • Breakout rooms - for small events, even non-public? events
    • Need a way to let people schedule their own events online
  • edit this workshhop! event
  • troll panel! lir, wik, quellnymphe, Xed, 142, ... [hmmm.]

Fun events

Playing around

  • Museum trip -- photography project
    ask permissions from Frankfurt museums until one says 'yes!'
  • Wikimedia commons / editing area
  • Editing Frankfurt -- Local tours (by the local helpers)
    improve the frankfurt articles in the different wikipedias
  • Library of Congress: everyone can bring his books, reserve one room (Terassensaal) as working library
    ask the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung for books


Photo/Audio/Video competitions (30 prizes) -- cf. sj, sannse