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Agenda meeting 8 June 2005


  • presentation of the latest budget update
  • Sponsoring status, how much we have, how much we still need.
    • we need 40 000 euros, including 20 000 for interpretation, which should be taken care of by a sponsor (Babel something?). Which leaves us with 20 000 euros to find.
    • Mindtouch seems to be ok for 10 000 , to be drafted and completed.


  • Number of registrants
  • update and status on finances coming in (or missing, for that matter)
| paid | count(*) | sum(total) |
| yes  | 74       | 6640 euros |
| no   | 92       | 8880 euros |
  • room assignment and other smallish things
    • Room assignment will be taken care of by HdJ and Orga team the week before the event.

Site organisation and logistics

  • job descriptions
  • network status
    • Internal:Networking gives a pretty good idea of the whole thing
    • Servers: German Verein is being asked if they can buy servers. They need to know where those servers can go once bought.
  • on site organisation
    • press conference
    • other special events
      • Party at the bortfabrik, sponsor Sun gives us 1000 euros. We're having free drinks and then drinks can be purchased at the Brotfabrik. Internet access.
    • translation


  • sponsors talk
    • Antwerpes: should not have a presentation on his own but be part of a panel, workshop, anything that will give him an audience.other speakers to answer to.
  • number of talks
  • budget needed for speakers
  • special requirements to the logistics team
    • All this to be discussed at program meeting tomorrow (9th June)


  • on site communication
  • press-releases agenda
  • in-projects communication