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Put in here questions which should be answered by the Haus der Jugend.

See also: Internal:Room planning, Internal:HdJ phonebook


  • How many lunch groups, how many people in each group?
    • 160 people fit in the cafeteria, 40 more in the courtyard. The HdJ proposes to send people in groups of 50 persons in shifts of 15 minutes.


  • double rooms for couples - possible?
    • yes
  • how many beds/which rooms are on floors reserved for which sex?
    • first floor has showers/toilet only for women, second floor only for men. We can of course mix the rooms but people will have to climb stairs.
  • rooms are numbered, each rooms has a name of a city.
  • linens are provided
  • towels have to be brought by the participants (the HdJ has a few for sale).
  • each place has a lockable wardrobe, people can either bring locks on their own, HdJ has a few for rent (5 Euros deposit)

Social rooms

There is a cafeteria, accessible 24 hours, providing coffee, cold drinks, snacks and things like soap, tooth brushes etc. A small TV/internet room is nearby. Outside their are two fields for playing chess.

Misc questions

  • Will we have access to set up the rooms before Thursday evening?
    • we need to specify exactly when we need access to which room, because they may be booked.