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Pre-registration and payment

  • A valid e-mail is required in order for your reservation to be taken into account and confirmed where applicable.
  • If you choose "Other means of payment", please specify on your wire transfer or your money order:
(a) name provided at registration
(b) ID registration number provided at registration (this will appear at the end of your registration and be sent to you by e-mail)
  • Make sure that payment by wire transfer or money order is issued in euros (EUR) from your bank or payment service if you pay to the European account or send your money order to the European recipient. Money orders sent directly to the Wikimedia Foundation should be paid in US dollars (USD) at the exchange rate of EUR/USD on the day you issue the money order.

By wire transfer to: / Überweisung:

   (Kontonummer 32-87-301, Bankleitzahl 100 205 00)
   Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
   IBAN DE75-1002-0500-0003-2873-01

By money order, payable to: / Zahlungsanweisung:

   Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
   c/o Elisabeth Bauer
   Äußerer Stockweg 38C
   82041 Deisenhofen
   Germany (Deutschland)

(Or, inside North America / Innerhalb der USA)

   Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
   204 37th Ave N, #330
   St. Petersburg, FL 33704
   United States of America

On site registration

  • Passes for the whole conferences and day-passes will be available on site for the following prices:
    • Full conference:(€ 65)
    • Day-pass:(€ 30)

N.B. People having pre-registered for a day pass can buy another day-pass on site for (€20). Please specify that you wish to stay two days while registering in the Miscellany field.

What do the registration prices include?

  • Conference fees include
    • Participation in all workshops and conferences
    • Lunch at the Haus der Jugend on the day(s) for which you registered
  • Accomodation fees include
    • One bed for four nights (night of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th August, 2005)
    • Breakfast each subsequent morning

Cancellation policy

If you pre-registered without paying

Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until your payment has been received. You will be reminded that your payment is lacking after 7 days. After 14 days, your reservation will be cancelled, and your place for the conference and your accomodation arrangements where applicable will be available to other participants.

  • All reservations not paid by July 1st 2005, regardless of their date of registration, will be cancelled on July 1st, 2005.

If you pre-registered and paid

Your reservation is confirmed and you will get a confirmation of its specifications by e-mail. We're waiting for you in Frankfurt.

  • In case you wish to cancel your registration and accomodation before the conference, please follow the following procedure:
    • Only cancellations filed before July 1st 2005 will be taken into account and refunded. After July 1st 2005, refunds will not be possible.
    • Send us an e-mail at asking to cancel your registration. Please include name provided at registration, reservation number, amount paid and means of payment. You may also send us a request by snail-mail at Wikimedia Foundation Inc., 204 37th Ave N, #330, St. Petersburg, FL 33704, USA. Make sure to include the details mentionned above.
    • For all cancellations a 10% penalty will apply. Refunds will occur in euros (EUR) and euros only if you have paid to the German Bank account, in US dollars (USD) and US dollars only if you have paid directly to the Foundation in the US. No other currency will be used for reimbursement. The 10% penalty will be based on the currency used.
    • If you wish to cancel your reservation and donate the money to the Wikimedia Foundation instead of having a refund, please specify so in your e-mail, the money will be then treated as a normal donation.