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Arrival and Departure dates and times


name Arrival Departure
Samuel Klein 30th Saturday (missing Saturday night through Monday morning) 10th Wednesday
Elisabeth Bauer 30th Saturday 9th Tuesday
Arne Klempert 30th Saturday 8th Monday night
Delphine Ménard 30th Saturday 8th Monday night
Austin Hair 7/28 8/9
Jens Frank February 1999 not soon
Angela Beesley 4 August 9 August
Jakob Voss 3 August 8 August, evening
Patrick Danowski 4 August lunch time 8th Monday last train to Berlin
Erik Moeller 4 August 9 August
James Forrester Saturday 30th Tuesday 9th
Joerg Hoh Thursday
Florian Prischl
Hanno Wagner Thursday
Welcome Desk
Conrad Nutschan 2nd Tuesday
Gabriele Hornsteiner 4th Thursday afternoon 8th
Michael Diederich 4th Thursday 7th
Kurt Jansson 31th Sunday 8th/9th
Joachim Kerschbaumer 5th Friday afternoon 7th
Elfrida Brioschi 3rd Wednesday (has her own acc.) 8th Monday
Nina Gerlach 2nd Tuesday 8th/9th
Daniel Baur Thursday morning 8th
Mathias Schindler <- ->
Dirk Franke 3rd Wednesday 8th Monday
Speaker attendants
Andrew Lih August 2, 6am
Sam Hocevar Wednesday afternoon/evening
Kyle Lutze Saturday 30th
Cormac Lawler thursday 10:15, airport
daniel wunsch thursday
Iulian Ursache-Dogariu
Brian Mingus
Oscar van Dillen thursday evening
Zeno Gantner
Ulrik Sverdrup
Martin Mai
Media contest
Bdk Bedeka 4th Thursday about noon 8th Monday afternoon
Ting Chen ? ?
Mariano ? ?


name Arrival Departure
Ward Cunningham 3rd Wednesday 8th Monday
Brion Vibber already there forever and a day
Florence Devouard 4th Thursday 8th Monday
Domas Mituzas 31st Sunday 9th Tuesday
Andre Engels
Andreas Brand
Limor Garcia 4th Thursday? 8th
Richard M Stallman 6th 8th
Jimmy Wales Saturday, July 30 7:45AM Tuesday, August 9 11:55AM
Tim Starling 13:15, July 29 22:20, August 9
Boudewijn ROUKEMA
Ross Mayfield 4th. 8th.
Eugene Kim 1st Aug. 8th Aug.
Stefan Magdalinski
Sven Dowidelt
Daniel Kinzler
Oscar van Dillen Thursday 4th Sunday 7th


Nicolas Weeger wednesday, 3:12pm, train station
Danny Wool wednesday, 3:10, airport (presroi)