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Mentally unstable former boxer's family to present medical safety tips to the many doctors that work at Wikipedia

TICKET 123649:

Wilfred Benitez is a worldwide celebrity and boxing International Hall of Famer. He is mentally unable, however, but I talk to him on a weekly basis and he can tell Wikipedians about the influence of boxing in his life. Furthermore, he would be flown in by his mother and/or sister, provided that the airline tickets are paid for them, and his mother and sister would be able to take care of him and remind him what he should talk about as a speaker Wikimania. He has his page at Wikipedia, I myself made it. He is very proud of it, and he talks about his career and how much it meant to him to become famous through the dangerous and often critizized sport of boxing. Furthermore, his mother can also talk about the things that should be done to improve medical safety in the sport, and I trust there are many doctors that work at wikipedia, who will be there, can take notes of her ideas and maybe put them to work. Me and her have spoken a lot about health reforms that could benefit boxers. She is also extremely proud that her son has a page on wikipedia.

Thank you! User:AntonioMartin